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Why Lavender?

Lavender means love, good luck, and relaxation. Its familiarity is comforting, which is why so many people leave a pot of it at their door.

Those emotions are what we want for you, our clients. We want to bring you peace of mind, knowing that we love our work as much as you love yours. Our hope is to bring you the good luck and comfort of success, while knowing that your business is in our hands.

The greatest thing about starting this business, on a personal level, is working with my sister to create beauty and vision. We talked about it for over a year, lamenting about how we've seen issues that we could be fixing together. We've talked so much over the last few months, all the while working toward our goal of launching Wendell Street. There were weeks where we brainstormed for hours about how to present ourselves, only to scrap everything and start again so it would be perfect. Starting a business is no joke, and it's one thing to bounce hypothetical ideas around. It is a completely different level to bring it into fruition.

Let's talk about bringing your ideas and visions into fruition. What is your pot of lavender? ---Anna

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