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Our Process 

At Wendell Street, we recognize and appreciate the diversity of business in today’s world. Important topics such as vision, target audiences, budget, services, and products are unique to not only each industry, but individual businesses themselves. This is why we do not embrace a ‘One Size Fits All’ approach. Instead, we offer customization and personalization in our consultation services and packages – tailored to your business’s individual needs to ensure success. 

Young Businesswomen

Consultation- Our initial meeting is done at no cost, in person or via video conference. This allows us to get to know your business and its individual needs. 

Design - Based on our consultation, we put together a customized solution, tailored to your requirements and needs. 

Review- Our final consultation: an evaluation of our proposed plan, in person or via video conference

Delivery- We put our plan into motion, conferring with your team often, reviewing analytics, ensuring goals are being met. 

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